I'm Fine Lyrics - Dan Bull

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Release Date: 2011-12
length: 3:06
I've fallen in love with someone unexpected
Spend all of my money on her
Until there's nothing left
And at the end of the day she waits at the corner shop
And lets me pop to fetch her
I guess that it's a ritual now
I'm addicted to how she's got me breathless
Ever since that first cool kiss
It's bliss

I appear to be in love
With someone I never dreamed of

A lot of us have a soft spot for coffee
Well my one stop shop for pop is the offy
Knocking back bottles is my hobby, so what?
What the fuck would I want to be stopping for?
I lock my door, tip the bottle and pour
Finish off all the port, and still I'm wanting more
With a beer put beside me I come alive
I feel that my mind loosens up and thrives
And such delightful stuff that lights up my rubbish life
Is something quite tough to give up imbibing
There's nothing like it, drunken nights in a pub
Or drunken nights in with nine tins
If drinking was a drinking game, I'd win
Then wish to play best of five
Then best of the rest of the night
'til I'm a mess of a sight
But having an excellent time
For the rest of my life I swear

In the loneliest of nights
Yeah I'm alright
In the loneliest of times
I'm fine

Let me see, the bottom of a bottle is the lens
On which I've come to depend to let me see
I look at my friends that are ahead of me
I'm not going to pretend there's no jealousy
I was full of potential for fun and adventures
But somehow the fun's now come to an end, look:
Rewind back - as a lad I saw drunks
And thought that I would never be like that
Now I see people look at me like that
And it seems like we wind the thing right back
I see my past, see my path
And I see the spot where I wandered off life's beaten track
But even that won't sober me up, I'll go to the pub
And swallow my pride til I'm throwing it up
Is it the lowest I've sunk of all time?
I don't know, and I don't give a fuck, look, I'm fine


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