Return Lyrics - Dan Bull

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Release Date: 2011-12
length: 4:41
Sliding doors divide and all
The nightmarish corridors
Will all fall
Behind you

Sliding doorways divide
And all the winding corridors fall away behind
Rays of light serenade my eyes
And wide white clouds parade the skies
After days and nights of grey
It's quite breathtaking in such amazing sights
I've paid the price, stayed inside
And it's been great but I need to say goodbye
The grape is ripe so maybe I should build the bottle
To fill the bottle, taste the wine
Now I've found how to savour life
All thoughts of pain inside fade and die
I take the fight to paper, hibernate and write in waiting
'til it's time to face my fright and take the mic
I've made the right choice in raising my voice
And reclaiming life's joys


If you've ever had a dream then chase it
Cos it's dreams that make us more than meat for grave diggers
Do you really want to remain faceless
Cos you dated aspirations but became faithless?
Be safe, stay put, each day's painless
Or regain faith, though we face dangers
Be brave, courageous, behave audaciously
My teenage daydreams made me famous
But being flavour of the week
Leaves a taint on the tastebuds, so I need to shape up
I tighten the laces in each of my trainers
Then retrace my steps to when I believed I could get
To each place I set my aim on
Not accepted fate, and reshaped my destination
I've not reached places yet that truly take my breath away
I'll never til the day of my death


[Khaya Dlanga:]
We've had a really lovely time
But I ought to make a move
I've things to do
And I'm kind of assuming that you do too

The end is almost here
Here we go

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