Rituals Lyrics - Dan Bull

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Release Date: 2011-12
length: 2:28
I can't let myself fall in love
Because I fall too hard
And I might break something

That face of yours is nowhere near to perfect
But the way I've been I don't even deserve it
I'm feeling as nervous now as I ever have
And with each glance with which I see you it worsens
Personally I'd be pleased being your servant like Venus in Furs
Just don't leave me in the lurch
There's no reason or working to the feelings, I'm hurting
So please, give me a relief from the burden
The pipe dreams of my being with her
I mean who wants to sleep with a geek with Aspergers
I've seen and I've heard all I've needed to learn
And come to be with the terms that I'm the feeblest nerd
All you need is a skirt and some legs, a turn of the head
A wee little flirt and you're off with the bees and the birds
But I'll never stick my dick six inch deep in a bird
'til I leave in a hearse and I'm six feet deep in the dirt


I can only be creative when I see my failings
And say "this is me, now face it please"
Cos the beat's a piece of paper for me to make a confession
And get the stress off my chest until I meet my maker

I read the signals wrong, hymn book open at the wrong page
But I still tried to sing along
Not long ago I thought bring it on
Then I got re-absorbed into the bitter smog
I've bitten off a piece of my own heart
So don't start on how I've missed an opportunity
Too stupid to see who'd wanna be stuck with such a human as me
I've only got you in my dreams
My balls and my word are all but unheard of
So when I fall from my perch it's all I deserve
Once in a blue moon I fall for a girl
And when I do, I'm betting you I fall and get hurt


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