The Staircase Lyrics - Dan Bull

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Release Date: 2011-12
length: 2:39
I used to be trapped in the elevator
Waiting for fate to favour me
Then I realised that in real life
Nothing would be handed on a plate to me
Before I deserved dessert
I'd have to taste the savoury
Each and every flavour
Even when it'd make me heave
Remember to say your Ps and Qs
Please may I leave the table reasonably soon?
I'd stay for tea
But I've got faces to see, places to be
Basically I'm dedicated to chasing the dream
I've been making believe for so long
I was unable to see me go wrong

Step up
Step back
Step off
Step to it

I used to be trapped in the elevator
Doors slammed together in my face
But I grabbed them and seperated them
'til my hands had gone red and aching
Then I made plans to elevate manually
Hand me a pen and paper
Now allow me to demonstrate
That even my acapella could make
The whole track collapse like there was a quake
I'm faster than any race car
They tagged me the devastor
It's a fact that I'll never give way
Til I'm dead or at number ten
Replacing David Cameron, Clegg
And named the greatest rapper to ever pave the way
Cos I made this staircase


Step 1:
Learn your lessons and take criticism
It'll enable you to make it bigger
Step 2:
Keep it real, stay true to you
You don't need to be anyone else
Because you are you
Step 3:
Enjoy every syllable you deliver
Whether it's ignorant or lyrical
Whether it's simplistic or difficult
Step 4:
Always remember that everything you do is yours
And that should be the reason you do music for


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