Walk the Line Lyrics - Dani Siciliano

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Release information
Release Date: 2004-1-27
Genre: Electronic Jazz
Style: Abstract/Future Jazz/Deep House/Contemporary Jazz/Experimental
length: 3:47

Slipped your tongue out one too many times
Leaving me with thoughts that weren't even mine
There's no room for social plesantries
Patient (dies)ties when left with stupidity
One two
One two three

Walk the line
Walk the line

Caught you stalking up on your public needs (?)
Drawing in the plots of your enemy
There no room for you social wizardy
Not when you steal my life disintry(?)

One two
One two three

Walk the line
Walk the line
Don't get too close
You're way too close
Don't try to lose or i'll throw you off your need (?) Uh-huh
Don't try
Don't get too close

Soon you'll be a shaded memory
Caught your lost before i get to
One two three

Dont get too close
You're way too close
Don't try to lose(knows?) Or i'll throw you off your need

Walk the line...

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