Who Sang Never In A Million Years? Daniel Striped Tiger

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I don't want to feel like I need a crutch. What happens when I can't even touch people who are sober? I'm in a tunnel, and my mind leads to one thing and one thing only. It's not even because substance leads to an early grave. There's something positive that i want to make. There's something positive that I want to make...

  • 1 Stop Where You Are!
  • 2 Oh, But It Never Quite Reaches You
  • 3 The Great Bust On Antarctica
  • 4 Self-Help
  • 5 Our Most Selfish Past-Time
  • 6 Passed Out On Passion
  • 7 Where I Lived And What I Lived For
  • 8 The Quickest Wit I Can Think Of
  • 9 Never In A Million Years
  • 10 And Now Walk Away Knowing That Four Kids Care About You