Who Sang Key to My Heart? Danity Kane

Danity Kane Welcome to the Dollhouse cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-3-18
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop Pop
Style: RnB/Swing/Synth-pop
length: 2:30
Someone took the key to your heart
Someone took the key to your

Could've swore I had it right here with me
Susy told me no one else could take it away (away)
So maybe I just misplaced it
Check to were it could be
But I'm running out of possibilities

See now me and him are having all these problems
Retrace my steps to see if I caused them
There's something hes keeping from me
What could it be (oh)

Please don't tell me
Someone took the key to your heart
Right from the bottom of me
Tearin' us apart
I got you just where you wanted
How could you do it baby
Into your heart

Kinda chilly out here on the other side
When did I turn my back long enough for her to take my place
Must of been a mix up showin' in the same mistake
But if not when I see her they might lock me away

Cause now me and him are having all these problems
It don't take a genius to try to solve them
There's someone hes keeping from me (oh)
Who could she be?


I've called it in
I made my plan
I hope they find it right away
The missing piece means everything
What else could it be?


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  • 2 Bad Girl
  • 3 Damaged
  • 4 Pretty Boy
  • 5 Strip Tease
  • 6 Sucka for Love
  • 7 Secret Place (interlude)
  • 8 Ecstasy
  • 9 2 of You
  • 10 Lights Out
  • 11 Picture This (interlude)
  • 12 Poetry
  • 13 Key to My Heart
  • 14 Flashback (interlude)
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