Who Sang So All Alone? Danny!

Release information
Release Date: 2005-5-17
length: 3:51

Yo, yo I had the weirdest dream last night kid
Word up

I didn't hear any sounds
Hopped out of my bed, looked for my friend
But he's nowhere to be found
I never ever had this feeling before
Seems like a longer distance from the ceiling to the floor
When I look up
I grabbed my Kappa chain for good luck
And walked out of the house, but...
Damn, where'd everybody go?
It felt like I was dead but I don't know
The only sound I heard was the voice in my head
Tellin' me to play it cool, but I made another choice instead
Started yellin' at the top of my lungs, so all the noise could spread
In hopes that anybody would hear me
But clearly, the whole entire world must be sleepin'
Or keepin' quiet, 'cause everything's completely in silence
No traffic, no commotion, no racket
Just a sad nigga tryin' to figure out what happened
It's like the whole world flew away in a spaceship
And I just overslept and made it late to the trip
So quiet that you could hear a friggin' faucet drip
I felt like hidin' in a closet with balled fists, a small fit
I wouldn't work; I'm nervous, I'm all alone
Like I'm in an episode of "The Twilight Zone"
Surrealism had me feelin' imprisoned
Had me tryin' to figure out why everybody was missin'
Started walkin' down the street but it felt strange
So I took a look around and certain things had changed
On one side of the lane were all the nice-lookin' houses
On the other side, ugly ones with mice, crooked couches
And a dumpster on the curb, I felt sorta disturbed
Curious too, I didn't have a theory or clue
So I walked up inside of the ugly house
What I saw then damn near shut my mouth
'Cause the interior was gorgeous
And it's hard to walk 'cause the floor is slick
Made of marble? Who could afford this?
The filthy couches on the curb must've had me fooled
Because the inside was kinda cool
I'm a schoolboy so I can't forget my manners
Tried to find the owner
If he finds me first he'll prob'ly go bananas
I shouted out but nobody's home
Took me a second to realize I'm still alone
I walk out, but I feel like I'm exhausted, beat
So I headed to the other house across the street
The attractive house with the seven cars in the driveway
But I should've stayed outside, my mistake
I stepped inside and I could've died
The whole place looked, smelled and felt like a pig sty
The furniture was tattered, and if I had an
Explanation I still would be confused 'cause it wouldn't matter
I couldn't fathom it, I had to admit
The house was nice on the outside, but the inside was shit
It smelled worse than sweaty armpits
Tables and chairs had three legs, made it hard to sit
I disregarded it, until I turned around
And I found a little notice that was on the ground
This house is condemned, I should've known
But the seven cars had me thrown for a loop
Still all alone, I had to recoup
For lost time, all of my fears have been confirmed
Weird thoughts crossin' my mind
Like nobody else is in the world but me
If that's the way it's supposed to be
Then so be it
I awoke from sleep in a cold sweat
Holdin' a wet notebook and an old cassette
Tape full of beats and a folder full of studio receipts
Somebody had my CD on repeat
I looked up and it was my friend
With a grin, said he spent
The whole night playin' my CD again and again, yeah
Told me that nobody else in the game was the same as me
Shit, that explains everything...!

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 F.O.O.D.
  • 3 I'm Back
  • 4 It Changes
  • 5 I Only Wanna Be With You
  • 6 So All Alone
  • 7 Prove Myself
  • 8 Regrets
  • 9 My Whole World
  • 10 Mind's Made Up
  • 11 So Tired (remix)
  • 12 V.I.P.
  • 13 The Lesson
  • 14 Where Is the Love
  • 15 What She Said
  • 16 Goodbye
  • 17 We Gon' Make It
  • 18 Fullaschidt

  • Release information
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 606944062946
    script: Latin