Who Sang So Tired (remix)? Danny!

Release information
Release Date: 2005-5-17
length: 4:36

"Self-control, and I can't tell you no lie
Tryin' to find a soulmate, you end up being so tired
So tired...so tired...so tired..." - Mase

(Love's got me so) Love's got me so
(Love's got me so) I can't take it no more
(Love's got me so tired)
(Love's got me so) Love's got me so
(Love's got me so) Man, I'm walkin' out the door
(Love's got me so tired)

[Verse 1]
Hey yo, what's the deal with these ladies?
Every time I give 'em a chance, they wanna play me
First they wanna get in my pants, they wanna taste me
Then when I break 'em off, they drive me crazy for eight weeks
They blow up my phone, they come to my house, I'm sleepin'
I wish they left me alone 'cause I'm out, I'm leavin'
I knew I shouldn't have boned, 'cause now even
Middle-school girls fallin' in love for all the wrong reasons
This one chick tried to take me by surprise
She had a fat booty, pretty face and hazel eyes
She said, "Danny boy, you ain't like them other guys
You ain't tryin' to be my friend just to get between my thighs"
I replied, "C'mon baby girl, stop frontin'
Unless you wanna take it to the hotel or somethin'"
We went to the room to do what we do
I woke up the next day in the nude with a broom, damn!


[Verse 2]
This girl Tammy had the worst game
At least this time, messin' with a broad I got her first name
Never told her mine, told her it was Billy
Now she sit at home lookin' silly, really
You feel me? These hoodrats don't wanna roll until he
Whips out the dick, hey yo these chicks is tryin' to kill me
I'm just a man lookin' for some affection
Not a whore that I've never seen before...correction
I made this girl Tina scream my name
I left her body feelin' weak and in pain, but that was last year
Now she want the rings, the cashmere
Bitch'll get a beatin' if she brings that ass here
I'm at the end of my rope, I can't cope
Love got me tired, I feel like I'm in a soap
+As The World Turns+, these ladies stay connivin'
But these are the +Days of Our Lives+ kid, I hate it


[Verse 3]
Love's got me so tired, I'm sick of all these groupies
Little hoochie mamas always tryin' to do me
Of course I want the coochie but it's really just the love that I pursue
Guess I'm tryin' to have my cake and eat it too
Plus it don't help when they throw me poon that I eat it too
Keep a few bullets on my waist like police do
I do so much runnin' I need a cleat shoe
Beats me why I can't find love easily
This song is for Erica, Erin, Rebecca and Jada
Sarah and Clara and Jessica, Meagan and Kayla
Shelley, Maria, Corrida and Jamie and Jana
Kelly, Sabrina, Anita and Amy and Shannon
Beep-beep in the caravan, damn I need to
Call Kei'ke, MaryAnn and Lakeiya
Yo I had a longer list but I lost it
Lookin' for love got me exhausted, but I can't call it quits

[Chorus] - 2X

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 F.O.O.D.
  • 3 I'm Back
  • 4 It Changes
  • 5 I Only Wanna Be With You
  • 6 So All Alone
  • 7 Prove Myself
  • 8 Regrets
  • 9 My Whole World
  • 10 Mind's Made Up
  • 11 So Tired (remix)
  • 12 V.I.P.
  • 13 The Lesson
  • 14 Where Is the Love
  • 15 What She Said
  • 16 Goodbye
  • 17 We Gon' Make It
  • 18 Fullaschidt

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    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 606944062946
    script: Latin