Who Sang Merciless Death? Dark Angel

Dark Angel We Have Arrived cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1985-3
length: 4:28
vocal: Don Doty
engineer: Bill Metoyer
bass: Rob Yahn
guitar: Eric Meyer and Jim Durkin
drums (drum set): Jack Schwartz
named after: Merciless Death
lyricist: Jim Durkin, Don Doty
composer: Jim Durkin
You fall before us, shattered in vain
You thrash about us, screaming in pain
Tortured and flaming, you're on your knees
you fucking whores, it's us you must please

We'll give you merciless... death!!!

Stand up and bang, till you fall the floor
The sound is so deafening, it can't be ignored
The place is burning, your minds are destroyed
Devastated and helpless, you're left here to die

The angels has landed - judgement has come
Your death has arrived, faster than some
The darkness descending upon heaven's gates
Your soul is now promised and you know that
We'll wait!!!

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 We Have Arrived
  • 2 Merciless Death
  • 3 Falling From the Sky
  • 4 Welcome to the Slaughter House
  • 5 No Tomorrow
  • 6 Hell’s on Its Knees
  • 7 Vendetta