Who Sang My Desire? Dark

Release information
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Rock
Style: Doom Metal/Death Metal
length: 5:23
composer: Mathias Fickert
lyricist: Jochen Donauer
Or just a stroke of my mind
And no one sees what I feel
She could be my fate once more
The bright light in her eyes
Could guide me through the darkest night
And the strength, she radiates
She must be one of my dreams
I can't describe what I feel for her
She is my incarnated phantasy
She must be a descended angel
Her seductive beauty makes me blind
Days without her - days without the sun
Like a desert without rain
Like a rose without its scent
My desire - someday passion
My desire - someday depression
She makes me feel, like I never did before
In every second she's the one that I adore
In lonely nights, I dream about her
And everyday I miss her caress

CD 1
  • 1 Another Journey
  • 2 Dark Clouds Rising
  • 3 Bloodred Sunrise
  • 4 Broken Down
  • 5 My Desire
  • 6 Love and Seduction
  • 7 Sands of Time
  • 8 This Falling Veil
  • 9 Shadowdancer
  • 10 Angeltear
  • 11 The Flood