Darkthrone - The Watchtower 歌詞

length: 4:58
vocal: Ted Skjellum
guitar: Ted Skjellum and Ivar Enger
bass guitar: Dag Nilsen
drums (drum set): Hank Amarillo
Nocturnal flight, no shadows cast
A distant symbol of our beyond
Life lies in front of us
Sacred Ground, Rotten Earth

Ashes To Dust
Flesh Decomposed
Caressing the sacred ground
Where the deadened corpses lie

A sepulchural misty night
With a whiff of the Macabre
Silently watching the stones
Put there as a symbol of death

Our minds united; A force is lit,
And insight creates
A humanoid watchtower, reaching for
Their souls to the Sky

For a glance onto
The Other Side...