Who Sang Star? Data

Data Opera Electronica cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1982
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: New Wave/Synth-pop
length: 4:06
Star - star - wonderful beautiful - star

The make-up bag is out - and the stylist looks hazy
the studio lights go on - and the manager goes crazy
and the girl in the chair - she looks afraid - to be a star
the backing track is rolling - the girl is on her mark
her mother watches proudly from a crowd full of sharks
and everybody says "she'll go far - she'll be a star!"
her record's been out for a week - it's on the radio
with promises they say they'll keep for television shows
and the press will come like the tide of the sea
for the word is out: "come and see the making of a star!"
shining star - wonderful - beautiful - star - shining star
wonderful - beautiful - star

Many hits late, in her white limousine
accountants and lawyers - are now just part of the scene
paving the way towards the ultimate - to be a superstar
requests for appearances - keep pouring in
offers from Hollywood - where all the greats have been
the day just doesn't seem long enough - to be a star
her records are all at the top of every chart I know
with promises of her very own television show
but late at night when she's all on her own
she breaks down in tears out of feeling alone
but the crowd will roar - they will ask for more
can't you see - can't you see - can't you see -
she's a star - shining star - wonderful - beautiful
star - shining star - wonderful - beautiful - star - shining star . . .

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