Who Sang For Your Precious Love? David Allan Coe

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Writer(s): Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson
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You know when I first started doing this album I thought
All these songs about just gettin' the divorce
And there was one thing I wanted to tell you darlin' darlin'
Before the music stops for me and you and that's what you meant to me
And even thought the divorce is final now
I wanted to sing you this one last love song

Your precious love means more to me than any love could ever be
For when I wanted you I was so lonely and so blue
For that's what love will do
And darlin' (I'm so surprised) oh when I first realized
That you weren't fooling me
And darlin' they say that our love won't grow
But I just want to tell them that they don't know
For as long as you're in love with me our love will grow wider depper than any sea
And of all the things all the things that I want in this whole wide world
Is just for you to say that you'll be my girl
Oooh (wanting you) I'm wanting you (I'm so blue) oh that's what live will do

I gave it a hundred and ten percent of my soul
And I tried everything I could to hold it together
But now that it's over I just wanted you to know
That anytime you have sunshine you're gonna have bad weather
Some people they can handle that and some people can't
Just for the record another chapter in my life
And you were that chapter just divorced
Maybe they should write that on my tombstone darlin'
Would that make you happy then
Your precious love means more...

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