Who Sang Suicide Doors? David Banner feat. Underground Kingz & Kandi

Kandi The Greatest Story Ever Told cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2008-5-20
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 4:14
David [Repeat: x6]

[Chorus: x2]
Suicide doors [Repeat: x9]
I'm clean in this *****

I could give a **** about you *****s and you hatin' hoes
Sittin' in my black Escalade got some suicide doors
Inside peanut butter peter pan brown, yeah
I'ma country *** ***** with some dudes on the ground
Sure a ************ holla when I'm skatin' down the street
Sippin' on some purple while your baby mama sucking me
Chopper on my seat, let it skeet if you **** with me
I don't have to throw a pitch fork to show you I'ma ****ing G
A to the N to the G-S-T-E-R some country *** *****s from the
South is who we are,
Man I got some dro man, you can bring the cigar
You can hit the bird man let it fly off the biz-ar, *****

[Chorus: x2]

Suicide doors and a blonde haired genie
Not a damn chop, its a real Lamborghini
25 shows on the circuit in the south
Ain't got no bodyguard I just got need mighty God
*****s mighty fraud, I see it in their stance
And I know he got that ***** in his pants
***** I got your advance on my pinky ring *****!
Pimp C *****, aim 3 *****, a whole key *****,
Bring me 1, 3 *****, my Uzi way a ton
I bought a necklace for my ****,
My **** and my nuts gotta Myspace page
Hits my balls get 25 thousand a day, *****

[Chorus: x2]

I love them *****s who know how to roll
In them old school cars with them suicide doors
Every ***** want ?em cause he ridin' so cold
But I'm chillin' on the side and we stuntin' on them hoes

Well I'm known to be a baller (baller)
But not on the court
And I'ma rapper (rapper)
Workin' saran for the export
Yeah I'ma player, but don't play them game
So keep 'em I pull a fully out rarri ***** Mr. Street Sweeper
Bun B the (B the) big Bun B the, show me the respect man
Perfect with the pistol, fantastic with the tech man
When you the flashin' be the diamonds that reflect man
So have it on your mind before I blow off your neck man

[Chorus: x2]

Tell your ***** I'm the ****
David banner ************ I'm clean in this *****

You can keep the white *****, I just want the yoke
Long as the south, I ain't never gonna go broke
I said, you can keep the white *****, I just want the yoke
Long as the south, I ain't never gonna go broke

CD 1
  • 1 So Long
  • 2 G.S.E.T. (intro)
  • 3 Suicide Doors
  • 4 9mm
  • 5 T.I Speaks (interlude)
  • 6 Get Like Me
  • 7 Shawty Say
  • 8 A Girl
  • 9 Syrup Sipping (Banner Beat Break)
  • 10 Hold On
  • 11 Cadillac on 22’s, Part 2
  • 12 Uncle Swac (interlude)
  • 13 I Get By
  • 14 Freedom (interlude)
  • 15 B.A.N. (The Love Song)
  • 16 Fuck You Hoes
  • 17 Marz (Banner Beat Break)
  • 18 Ball With Me
  • 19 K.O.
  • 20 Fly
  • 21 Faith
  • 22 Wealth (Banner Beat Break)