Who Sang Watch Out? David Gates

David Gates Never Let Her Go cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1975
Genre: Rock Pop
Style: Soft Rock
length: 2:05
writer: David Gates

Watch out ! some……..boy you may be in
Watch out ! Don’t you now you’d be……
Watch out ! Can’t you see she’s only faking
Boy, you know she’s setting you up
Watch out ! on a ………..you’ve been fooling
She knows – now she knows you need some cooling
It’s too late – it’s too late she’s got you droolling ??
Boy, you know she’setting you up
For knocking you down
Watch out ! such a …….situation
Watch out ! you gotta protect your reputation
Watch out ! she’s got the power of liberation
Man, you know she’s setting you up
For knocking you down
Just setting you up
Such a………..situation

12" Vinyl 1
  • 1 Never Let Her Go
  • 2 Angel
  • 3 Playin’ on My Guitar
  • 4 Watch Out
  • 5 Part Time Love
  • 6 Chain Me
  • 7 Light of My Life
  • 8 Someday
  • 9 Greener Days
  • 10 Strangers