Who Sang Dancing With the Enemy? David Meece

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Genre: Pop
length: 4:24
It's on Prime-Time TV and the radio
It's on magazine covers and the late talk shows
Seems like everybody, everywhere you go
Is dancing with the enemy

From the Oval Office to the corner store
From New York to London to Singapore
It's just "Give me this-Give me that-Give me more-"
Dancing with the enemy

Well, the bad guys have got it so easy today
They go from long vacations to holidays
They got so much money there ain't no way to lose
They can't find enough work for their wrecking crews


(And it's) One-two-three-
Envy, l___, and greed
Lies and dirty tricks
The whole world's
Dancing with the enemy

Corporate executives slug it out
Debating which pig has the biggest snout
Using words like -"Power-Prestige-and Clout-"
Dancing with the enemy
They say the whites hate the black
The blacks hate the Jews
And if you're any different everybody hates you

Why can't we find better things to do
Than dancing with the enemy

There's no where to run
There's nowhere to hide
The enemy's closing in on every side
It don't take a genius to understand
This whole situations' getting out of hand

We've got to draw a big line
In the desert sand
With the power of God we've got to take a stand
('Cause) This whole world's fallen and it can't get up
We'd better fire our engines
With the Spirit's touch

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