Who Sang Everybody Needs a Little Help? David Meece

Release information
Release Date: 1978
Genre: Rock Funk / Soul Pop
Style: Acoustic/Gospel/Vocal
length: 3:53
EVERYBODY NEEDS A LITTLE HELP (Everybody Needs a Little Help, Chronology, Word Marquee Collection)

Words & Music by David Meece
Copyright 1979 Meece Music (admin by)WORD Music

I heard the news about you
A little while ago
I tried to call but you weren't at work
I'm glad I caught you at home.

No one else in this whole wide world
Could mean as much as you to me
So I thought I'd drop by for a little while
In case you needed a friend.

Chorus: Everybody needs a little help to get their life together
(And you're no exception)
Everybody needs another hand that they can hold onto.
Everybody needs a little help to get their life together
And I want to give it to you.

You can cry if you need to
You know I'll understand
You can tell me everything that you feel inside
Don't you hold it in.

Don't you worry, don't apologize
For anything you do or say
'Cause what are friends for but to be around
When you're feeling that way.

(Repeat chorus)

Cassette 1
  • 1 I Can’t Believe It’s True
  • 2 God Holds the Future
  • 3 Never Gonna Serve Anyone Else But You
  • 4 Everybody Needs a Little Help
  • 5 All the Time
  • 6 Love Is the Reason (We’re Here Tonight)
  • 7 All I Can Do
  • 8 Sunshine Jesus
  • 9 Oh So Wonderful
  • 10 He’ll Take Care of You (Mother’s Lullaby)