Who Sang I'll Be Waiting For You? David Meece

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Genre: Pop
length: 5:05
It's a dark night
Clouds hide the stars
And the moon has lost its shine
But you're safe child
Where the cold cannot reach
So rest your heart in mine
I will not leave you-I'll stay by your side
Guarding you all through the night


I'll be waiting for you
When you open your eyes
And the light fills the skies
I'll be waiting for you
When the day's fresh and new
I'll be reaching my arms out to you
I'll be waiting for you

Go to sleep now
Dream of bright new horizons
And things you've never done
Let your heart rise
With the wings of an eagle
To lands you've never known
Leave all your cares and your troubles behind
Somewhere beyond s___e and time

You can rest here, there is nothing to fear
Angels are watching above you
There is no dragon that I wouldn't fight
To defend you

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