Who Sang No Other Hope? David Meece

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Genre: Pop
length: 5:33
All our silver and our gold,
All our sweet illusions,
All our heroes have gone down to Babylon
I can feel a winter's chill
As the flowers fade away


There is no other hope but You
No one else to cry to
And nothing left for us to do
But turn to You
There is no other just and true
No one else can help us now
There is no other hope but You

So we fall down on our knees
With our faces hidden
And our shame unveiled and seen
By all the world
Lying naked in our sin
No one left to run to now

All we like sheep have wandered away
All we have sinned and fallen
Save us-Save us

  • 1 No Other Hope
  • 2 Dancing With the Enemy
  • 3 I Just Want To Be With You
  • 4 I'll Be Waiting For You
  • 5 Run
  • 6 Things You Never Gave Me
  • 7 Raise These Arms
  • 8 There I Go Again
  • 9 Help Me Stand
  • 10 By the Waters
  • 11 We Are The Reason (Special Live Version)