Who Sang Raise These Arms? David Meece

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Genre: Pop
length: 3:41
In the ease of unconcern
I rested lazily
To the sound of the careless songs
Well, it almost got the best of me
Then I heard the prophet's anger
Echo from the centuries
'Till I couldn't fight the truth
I could only answer


I will raise these arms
With the reapers of the harvest
With the servants of the Lord
I will raise these arms
In the field and in the vineyard
I will labor
I will raise these arms

Say to those who sleep in Zion
Now the time has come to rise
Can you hear the voice of Jesus
See the fire in His eyes?
Who will go and help the hopeless
Who will go and help the weak?
Lead the lost sheep to the shepherd
Who will answer?


We have wrestled with the angel
We've wandered in the night
And we've lost our way in pointless games
Now it's time to stop pretending
Time we get up on our feet and say
Hey, Hey


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