Who Sang Run? David Meece

Release information
Genre: Pop
length: 3:52
Sinister shadows veil a dark, chaotic stage
Ominous thunder erupts in hate and rage
Desolate sidewalks cast a fear upon the wind
Evil awakens in the hearts of hopeless men
In times like these I cannot walk
No, I must...


Run, oh run
Through the blood-red moon to the breaking sun
Oh run, run
Through the mouth of death to the Risen One
Oh run, run

Tremors of helplessness rumble in my chest
The mirror of midnight reveals my aging flesh
Time is like water wearing down a brittle stone
Leaving a mystery that is known by God alone
To Him I go
I cannot walk-no I must...

  • 1 No Other Hope
  • 2 Dancing With the Enemy
  • 3 I Just Want To Be With You
  • 4 I'll Be Waiting For You
  • 5 Run
  • 6 Things You Never Gave Me
  • 7 Raise These Arms
  • 8 There I Go Again
  • 9 Help Me Stand
  • 10 By the Waters
  • 11 We Are The Reason (Special Live Version)