Who Sang There I Go Again? David Meece

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Genre: Pop
length: 4:46
Arrogance grows in a comfortable mind
Seeds of deceit weave kudzu
A strangling vine
While the careless look away

Fears that are faced become flowers of hope
These are the lessons I learned several lessons ago
But still I look away
Still I turn away


There I go again stumbling into the same old sin
There I go again instead of clinging to you
I do what I know not to do
Oh, help me Lord-there I go again

Feeling secure in a castle of sand
Built on the teachings, the wealth, and the power of man
While the tide is rolling in

A fool in his folly pretends to be strong
Trusting the treasure of earth
He can only go wrong

For the tide keeps rolling in
and his castles' caving in


Oh, but still I look away-still I turn away
I keep rejecting the truth
Refusing reproof
Repaying the dues
Of my reckless youth
While You died just to prove
All the promises true
To the ones who need You
As much as I need You


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  • 8 There I Go Again
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