Who Sang Things You Never Gave Me? David Meece

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Genre: Pop
length: 4:45
Had a lot of dreams that never came true
Things I could have done,
But never got the chance to do
When I couldn't see the path of the storm
Your wisdom wouldn't let me go that way
And it broke my heart, but now my heart can say


Thank You for the times You said, "No."
Thank You for the doors that You closed
All the ways You never let me go
And the things You never gave me

So many times I didn't understand
And wouldn't let You take my hand
But now I want to fall at Your feet
And thank You for the things
You never gave to me.

When I wanted less than what You had in mind
When I wanted more than I could handle at the time
When I needed You but turned You away
You wouldn't let me slip out of Your hand
I just didn't know, but now I understand


Looking back across the years
I can see beyond the tears.
Thank You...

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