Who Sang Heel Toe? Dawn Landes

Release information
Release Date: 2014-2-18
Genre: Folk, World, & Country
Style: Ballad/Folk Rock
length: 3:33

Going down South put a song in my mouth
Put a rip in my slam,
Hand on my hip, with a general or study me
Try not to lead on, how coming today into
How I, here it come again, heel toe, heel toe

Down and I buy a American ..you next to ...swinging wings
But don't mind you, walk inside to kitchen scenes
And sweet harmonies, ooh how I running and move
Ooh, here it comes again

With all the wind blows
Yeah, your body knows, hold on to me
Then set me free

Sweet love, I feel like we've made it in a song, in a dream
A second ain't see tight on my skin we all were where we've been
But I'm back again, ooh

Running thought his slow
Here it comes again, heel toe, heel toe, heel toe

CD 1
  • 1 Bluebird
  • 2 Try to Make a Fire Burn Again
  • 3 Bloodhound
  • 4 Heel Toe
  • 5 Cry No More
  • 6 Oh Brother
  • 7 Diamond Rivers
  • 8 Love Song
  • 9 Lullaby for Tony
  • 10 Home