Who Sang Consolidate? Day of Contempt

Release information
Genre: Rock
Style: Hardcore/Hardcore
length: 2:34

Shattered skull another head to add to your hoard another heart just another step as you grasp toward ascendance every corpse just a stair to tread you won't see the cost before its too late your muthafuckin head your life has expired your days come to an end you've dug your own grave become your greed's slave your life has expired your days come to an end but all for what? unto what end? you can't survive on greed to suppress your fear your treachery has paid off you've reached the top severed from those you'd thought you'd slain but the truth say not king of naught but rotting flesh and an empty view your greed our regrets your fear perish with you

  • 1 Drain
  • 2 Where Shadows Lie
  • 3 Consolidate
  • 4 Exhume
  • 5 Condemned
  • 6 The Slaughter Begins

  • Release information
    script: Latin