Who Sang Showdown? Dayna Kurtz

Dayna Kurtz Another Black Feather... For the Wings of a Sinner cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-6-13
length: 3:34
Pulled out the big guns
Got my best dress on
****, I'd forgotten you were charming
? you're disarming
Been playing too hard
This is a hard town
And all my old gang has broken down, somehow
I miss them all
(Though not just now)
We say I'm fine, how are you
It's you & me
Got you pinned up against a stark raving skyline
It's love, yeah love
Just picks me up then lets me down
Pulled out the big guns
Got my new boots on
I'm gonna wear a groove so deep
In your mind that everyone coming after me
Will be moving to my beat
We got green lights down 9th avenue
We got an ice cold slice of winter moon
We both got torture guards around our hearts
Mine usedta break me down too soon

CD 1
  • 1 From the Bottom Up
  • 2 Nola
  • 3 Venezuela
  • 4 Another Black Feather
  • 5 Banks of the Edisto
  • 6 It's the Day of Atonement, 2001
  • 7 Showdown
  • 8 Right for Me
  • 9 All Over Again
  • 10 Hope She'll Be Happier
  • 11 The Miracle