Who Sang Reverse Your Steps? De La Soul

De La Soul The Impossible: Mission TV Series, Part 1 cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2006-10-24
length: 2:14

[crowd noise, boxing bell rings]

Who floats like a butterfly, sting like a bee
Not me! Leave that for that boxing great
Yet I float like b-balls on a path to swish
Sting like making shots when you're pissed
Of course that's sayin you're on court to playin a round
Unprotected blues and I'm the same bad news
You come pokin your face in my place
The rest you best believe you're gonna lose
I'll choose every line to floor ya
I'm a New York nigga, my momma and them from Waynesboro, Georgia
Wonder Why, I cop weed just to feed
to my ex-pectations to keep them high
Cause my own try to hold me back, with that black on black rhyme
Get off me blackie! Your whole style tacky
and lack the approach of men
You just a kitten in a lion's den, alright reverse it, aiyyo

Back up lil' nigga, reverse your steps
Back up lil' nigga, reverse your steps
Back up lil' nigga, reverse your steps
Reverse your steps, reverse your steps
.. Reverse your steps
Back up lil' nigga, reverse your steps
Back up lil' nigga, reverse your steps
Back up lil' nigga (reverse your steps - REVERSED)

[boxing bell rings]

I box better when I'm on these ropes
And got bloody in the eighth but your apes couldn't save you
The left got brutal and ripped shack your ribs back
So now you sprayin the streets without eatin
My plate's got broccoli and snow peas on it
See we healthy like Lance Armstrong and then Popeye
Small fry fuckin with these Spuds McKenzies
Get the bucks, get the money, and the bid or your Benji's
Radar heavy I analyze the blips
See me comin in your land I'ma AND-1 this bitch
Ain't nuttin to lose but these two fronts, a few stunts
The Chuckers got strings on 'em, we airborne
Cleared for takeoff, face off the square puzzle
got you puzzled like yo is it peace or piece?
Increase the blows for the stutter step to it
Make you jump back and kiss your death and step back!


[boxing bell rings and crowd noise]

CD 1
  • 1 Impossible Intro
  • 2 Live @ the Dugout 87’
  • 3 Voodoo Circus
  • 4 Friends
  • 5 What the Fuck #1
  • 6 Go Out and Get It
  • 7 Respect
  • 8 Beef
  • 9 Reverse Your Steps
  • 10 You Got It
  • 11 What the Fuck #2
  • 12 Just Havin’ a Ball
  • 13 What If?
  • 14 Relax
  • 15 Wasn’t for You
  • 16 The Corner
  • 17 Freestyle (Dat Shit) 2006
  • 18 What the Fuck #3
  • 19 Freedom Train
  • 20 [silence]
  • 33 Buddy (live in Tokyo)

  • Release information
    label: AOI Records
    country(area): United States
    format: CD
    barcode: 689076900126
    script: Latin