Who Sang Undone? Deadstar Assembly

Deadstar Assembly Deadstar Assembly cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Electronic Rock
Style: Industrial/Heavy Metal
length: 3:44
I knew you one but then you departed
A vicious circle a lashing to your brain
Look at you now you're back where you started
Is this all you ever wanted
Is this all you'll ever be
Cause you'll get none
And you've undone the good you've just done

Why can't you just live without the needs
A muted blur of a life that's shattered
A losing battle this feus within your brain
A perfect life where nothing mattered

Everything turns to grey
You take yourself throught the pain
You never ever see the things
Is this all you'll ever be
Everything's a transparency
And you'll get none
You're undone

You're back where you started

CD 1
  • 1 Blurred and Muted
  • 2 Undone
  • 3 Just Like You
  • 4 Normal
  • 5 Send Me an Angel
  • 6 Breathe for Me
  • 7 Comes to Tongue
  • 8 Your Fiend
  • 9 Therapy Scares Me
  • 10 How to Destroy an Angel
  • 11 A Deep Breath
  • 12 Where the Beauty Ends
  • 13 Precious Nothing