I May Be Young Lyrics - Dean Friedman

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length: 3:16

People always tell me, "What's your hurry?
You're moving like your pants they are on fire."
I simply tell them, "Don't you worry,"
While the water in the dam keeps getting higher

And I may be young, but I'm not that young.
And with all those years I've got,
I may have time to kill,
But if you will, I'd rather not.

"Kid, I really don't believe your ready. You know you still have got alot to learn."
Me, I don't believe you're ever really ready to cross the kind of bridge you have to burn.

And I may be dumb, but I'm not that dumb.
And I'll make my own mistakes.
And if I'm wrong, well then damn it I'll be wrong!
That's what it takes.

"Reevaluate your dreams and visions. You'll wind up with a head full of regrets.
You're trying to avoid the big decisions. Tell my why's it such a sin to hedge your bets?"

And I may be slow, but I'm not that slow.
And the risks I take, I choose.
'Cause unless I last, I'll be doing it all half-asses.
Then what's the use?

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