Who Sang The Dolphins Were Dancing? Dean Friedman

Dean Friedman Songs for Grownups cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1999-9-1
Genre: Rock Pop
length: 4:46

Fell asleep in an easy chair with the TV on.
Found myself standing somewhere but the room was gone.
And a troop of chimpanzees were swinging through the trees
And flock of yellow birds were making up the words in perfect harmony

And the dolphins were dancing...

And the sky was filled with birds for a thousand miles.
And the platypuses played along the shore with the crocodiles.
And a hundred thousand whales were balancing on their tails
and the starfish and the clams were in a circle holding hands with the oysters and the snails

And the dolphins were dancing…

And as the evening fell, the sky turned red And it seemed as if somehow the sun had bled.
And I stared into the eyes of a million fire flies. And I heard an eagle say, "We celebrate this day man has finally passed away."

And the dolphins were dancing...

CD 1
  • 1 Sandy
  • 2 Hob‐Nobbin’
  • 3 Saturday Fathers
  • 4 Little Black Cloud
  • 5 Jennifer’s Baby
  • 6 Don’t Mourn, Don’t Cry
  • 7 Wishing on a Satellite
  • 8 It’s Only Make Believe
  • 9 Dodo
  • 10 Where Have All the Angels Flown?
  • 11 The Dolphins Were Dancing
  • 12 Sometimes I Forget
  • 13 God of Abraham
  • 14 It’s a Wonderful Life
    CD 2
  • 1 Typical Town
  • 2 She’s a Working Mom
  • 3 Put You in My Pocket
  • 4 No One Knows
  • 5 Don’t Marry That Boy
  • 6 Under a Canopy
  • 7 Multimedia Man
  • 8 New Lang Syne
  • 9 Maybe in a Million Years
  • 10 Ayamba Yayahu
  • 11 Hey, Hey, Hillary!
  • 12 How Does This Story End?
  • 13 Hale‐Bop She‐Bop
  • 14 All Grown Now