Who Sang Death? Death SS

Release information
Release Date: 1988
Genre: Rock
Style: Heavy Metal
length: 4:48
I must have slept for a long time
I'm feeling very weak
I've got a void in my head.
I cannot bring to mind anything
What do I feel?
I can move so hardly.

It's so tight here
I can't see nothing!
How dark it's here!
It's all black around me.

I want to get out, but I cannot move me
I don't know where I am!
I'm feeling badly here
now I begin to remember
something to focus an image.
Yes, here it is! I see myself!
I'm motionless in my bed
and there are so many people
people that look at me and cry
but why do they cry? Why? Why? Why?

Then arrived two men to move my body with brutality.
And carry me away, my body away, but where do they carry me?
And then the dark and the sound of a far bell
yes, the latest thing that I could here when I've arrived here
here, in this coffin, yes this is death!

Vinyl 1
  • 1 Vampire
  • 2 Death
  • 3 Black Mummy
  • 4 Zombie
  • 5 Werewolf
  • 6 Terror
  • 7 I Love the Dead
  • 8 The Hanged Ballad
  • 9 Murder Angels