Who Sang Love? Debra Killings

Release information
Release Date: 2003-7-22
Genre: Funk / Soul
Style: Gospel
length: 4:32
All the things you look hard to find
Never ever give you piece of mind - is that you?
You seem to live your life in the past
Cause you're trying hard to make it last - yes I know
All the things you work so hard to do
Never ever come through for you.

Sometimes you gotta look away from it all
And sometimes you gotta stand at ten feet tall
And it make take a little while before you know
How to let it show

All you need is love
So give a little love
And you'll get a little love
Cause all we need is love

Every torn page in your life
crying out all through the night - cause you're hurt
Now you're reaping what you've sown for
Way back then or long ago - and it's hard
Now you're like a baby in his mother's arms
Since you realize God can keep you safe from harm
It tells you melodies inside of you
Given chance they'll make it through for you


(Chorus 1x)

Give a little love - yeah
You'll get a little love - yeah
Cause all we need is love - yeah yeah yeah
Now give a little love - yes

Love-----get a little love..OOh

All we need is love (somebody listening)
Give a little love
You'll get a little love love love love love love love

CD 1
  • 1 Message In The Music
  • 2 Love
  • 3 Surrender
  • 4 The Giving Child (Interlude)
  • 5 Oh My God
  • 6 Jesus
  • 7 The Wanting Child (Interlude)
  • 8 Even When
  • 9 Do Right
  • 10 The Pleading Child (Interlude)
  • 11 Come On
  • 12 Because Of Your Love
  • 13 The Loving Child (Interlude)
  • 14 Ain't Nobody
  • 15 A Change
  • 16 Oh I
  • 17 Without Him