Who Sang Message In The Music? Debra Killings

Release information
Release Date: 2003-7-22
Genre: Funk / Soul
Style: Gospel
length: 3:56
She used to snatch me out of bed on Sunday morning
Head to Sunday School then straight to church
When the preacher starts, I start yawning
I was tired and read' to go
I couldn't wait to leave
But the choir sang - they were off the chain
I started feeling differently

They were swinging from side to side
Some lady said pass the mic
They were singing His praises I cried
Felt the spirit take over inside
It took over and made me shout
I caught myself and tried to close my mouth
I let it go and started shouting loud
I finally knew what the preacher's talking about

I found the message in the music
I found the message in the music
I found the message in the music
I found the message in the music

When I was old enough, I used to hit the clubs
Me and my girls spent all night partying
When I got in the house, finally laying down
Couldn't make myself get up on Sunday morning
It came to me in a tragedy I needed God to see
So I found my way back to the church
And the choir spoke to me yeah



CD 1
  • 1 Message In The Music
  • 2 Love
  • 3 Surrender
  • 4 The Giving Child (Interlude)
  • 5 Oh My God
  • 6 Jesus
  • 7 The Wanting Child (Interlude)
  • 8 Even When
  • 9 Do Right
  • 10 The Pleading Child (Interlude)
  • 11 Come On
  • 12 Because Of Your Love
  • 13 The Loving Child (Interlude)
  • 14 Ain't Nobody
  • 15 A Change
  • 16 Oh I
  • 17 Without Him