Who Sang Apple Juice Kissing? Deee‐Lite

Deee‐Lite Dewdrops in the Garden cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1994-7-12
length: 3:14
producer: Deee‐Lite
mixer: Fernando Aponte and Deee‐Lite
assistant mixer: Rob Rives, Jimmie Lee, Vaughan Merrick and Brian Miller
composer: Super DJ Dmitry, DJ Ani, Lady Miss Kier
lyricist: Lady Miss Kier
Kissin in the back row
That's how we missed the movie
Said you had cottonmouth
That apple juice was groovy
Splish smack on my lips
Apple juice kissin makes me roll my hips

Kissin in the doorway
No where else to play
Cottonmouth pillow lips
Better take a swig of this
Splish smack on my lips
Apple juice kissin makes me roll my hips

Easy to love â?? our love will find a way
Easy to love â?? our love is here to stay
Ubby Dubby Lovey Dovey

Kissin by the streetlight
Don't want to say goodnight
Swooning practically spooning
Boom! Moon was never so ripe
Moment never so right

Apple juice kissin
Baby we're blissin

CD 1
  • 1 Say Ahhh...
  • 2 Mind Melt
  • 3 Bittersweet Loving
  • 4 River of Freedom
  • 5 Somebody
  • 6 When You Told Me You Loved Me
  • 7 Stay in Bed, Forget the Rest
  • 8 Call Me
  • 9 Music Selector Is the Soul Reflector
  • 10 Sampladelic
  • 11 Bring Me Your Love
  • 12 Picnic in the Summertime
  • 13 Apple Juice Kissing
  • 14 Party Happening People
  • 15 DMT (Dance Music Trance)
  • 16 What Is This Music? / [silence] / Bring Me Your Love (Johnny Vicious Cosmic Isness remix)