Who Sang Bitin Ain't Samplin? Del the Funky Homosapien

Del the Funky Homosapien Iller Than Most cover art
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Release Date: 2014-1-1
length: 2:59

[Verse 1]
The fortress ain't open to big mouths
Keep in mind this is my house
My sanctuary
Bionic mind waves, you facing every
Time my mic is exposed, don't leave a trace of any
Rapper fries, sweep 'em up, chastised, keep it up
I'mma show you it don't pay to bluff
Sir Diesel off the cuff, off the chain
On your grain, on the game, bomb on lame
Individuals, sent you off, thank you so dandy
I'mma slam these flows, kill the fantasy
[?] shout 'til you explode
Shooken hands, close struggle to dispel the throne
Numbing the words, necessary usage
Keep yapping, I'm guaranteed to render useless
I satisfy like water to plants
Father over the stands, forecast the avalanche

Bitin' ain't samplin', you got that twisted
You bite 'til you bleed, really, you ain't that gifted

[Verse 2]
Five week grinders with blinders
Tunnel vision 'til son done with it
Tongue twisted if I sign a permission slip
To myself with a trip, otherwise I flip
Surreal analogy so rattle the
Status quo, batteries that make your batter flow
Like lemonade, but with a bitter taste
In a bit of rage, but that's okay, shit's beginner stage
Try to write bullshit on my dinner plate?
You won't get away with that, my pilot penetrate
Enemy lines, send 'em around, first class
First glass with extreme focus like Logan
Before he joined X-Men
Stop them from texting while they driving
Keep your eyes away, you riding
That's my word, you representer, get the form
So mislead, the luxury drown the morgue
And you know this


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  • 2 Boogieman
  • 3 Delta Time
  • 4 Mental Fitness
  • 5 Bitin Ain't Samplin
  • 6 Robust
  • 7 Militant
  • 8 Wreckin the Upside
  • 9 10 Paces
  • 10 Grand Royal
  • 11 Land of Immediate Rap Hits

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    label: [no label]
    country(area): [Worldwide]
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin