Who Sang Simple Satisfaction? Del the Funky Homosapien

Del the Funky Homosapien Funk Man (The Stimulus Package) cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-4-7
length: 3:03
producer: Zac Hendrix
simple satisfaction

i'm a keep it alive
the funk
with this lil special device
the funk
it works for me
"what's that?"
the funk
lemme flip the switch
and get it started
the funk
try to go against the funk?
you finished
you gone subsitute?
you finished
funk from the begining to the 9th inning
and my team is winning
homeboy you finished

Sir Di
dirty wordsmith
poetry perfect
so serious with the lip service

somebody get him a mop
properly sop up this mess
left by the previous guests
yes that's an order
from the lord of the funk continuum

any fool disagree
send me em
i'll attend to em
quick fast leave his a__
pickin thru the trash
lightning bolt voltage
extra watts
add pressure to yo box
tell it to stop
but Del is a rock
unmoveable juggernaut
astronaut but
on the asphalt with my rap vault
now open to the public for observation
admiration of how we used to play it
daze and amaze with flow
any engagement is like
a wedding reception
hope you get a reception
don't miss out on this fresh cut

tried to told ja
i visualize with mind of minolta
definin the culture

moooove widdit
groove widdit
body and soul connect we bout to perfect the action
for simple satisfaction
that come from sayin that we did it
you ain't widdit then don't
i don't care you just
miss the boat

hitler? nope
Sir DzL leader of the
funk people
i'm a see you cause
Funk Or Die
that was the promise

deep but wear my
heartbeat on my sleeve
let it vibrate the signal leads
to the thing you need to
cling to believe
i'm a tell you that it's real
i had to feel
not in the sense of
sensual touch but
you can tell the difference when you
gettin the rush
not drugs
not to f___ off yo buzz
but this came befo the additives
n____ i'm bad and big
come test it
words leave you herbed
no further suggestions
swerve to a session
in less than half an hour
i got a pad with
paragraphs of power
now you're
you ain't allowed to talk
cause you foul and false

mouthin off like a
child of God
but you get
beatdown with freestyles
cause ya cheap style
don't even need to be out
believe me it's wild
uncontrollable foldin you like a
bank roll
jeah takin control
i'm back with Zac
crackin yo wig back with that
counter-attack for that
bought over the counter s___
i got thousands of scripts
from down it the pit
deep underground where the system crank
causin earthquakes
ya heard it reverberate
i'm sure that you can relate if you
funky no further debate

mooove widdit
grooove widdit
on ya mark and get seeeeeet

Del the funkyhomosapien once again
sometimes from the end to the beginning
if you can smell the fragrance
tell them dunces
don't say s___
you must be out yo mind

crazy like a bag of sprayed weed
they way out yo league better
leave it to the big boys
deep in the land of funk
funk or die
that was the promise

stimulating like a p___o flick
born to rip the present
form to bits
don't even trip
if you slip out yo comfort zone
once you zone you gone
leave it alone
Di get deep in yo dome
like psychiactrics
clumsy foes who bite
might get captured

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    country(area): [Worldwide]
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin