Who Sang Young Adrenaline? Del the Funky Homosapien

Del the Funky Homosapien Funk Man (The Stimulus Package) cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2009-4-7
length: 4:21
producer: Del the Funky Homosapien

Yo, young adrenaline, Del, he a veteran
Son, I remember him, yeah, he the medicine
But he don't heal 'em, his funk put an end to it
Personal prescription is poisonous and venomous
Young adrenaline, D-E-L, you did it again, you did it again

Yo, peep the transition from here to there
Man, you understand pimpin' shit's different
Now peep the conversation between me and you
And about clockin' paper which means

Makin' one worthy of the cream 'cause nobody passin' it out
'Fore elastic came out
Yeah, your ass is out, if you don't dig
Concentrate the effort 'cause the shit's big

You won't live very long fuckin' around
There's somethin' about puttin' my foot in front of the other
Start struttin', I'm mean with it, lean with it
Like I'm really something to see

I smell bad, yeah, the funk is on me and you gon' to get some
Keep up the friction
'Til a spark lights dry grass and fry yo ass, fire sign DZL, Leo
Some say I'm egotistical but that's 'cause they below

Here, throw on these spectacles and see what D know
Peep why my concentration deep like Preemo
Don't get mad 'cause you missed the bus
Blame it on luck and miss the next one pulling up

Hopefully, you will utilize it

Knowledge, groundbreaking thoughts I process
Get me outta nonsense, leavin' most foxes astonished
I'll box with the Ebonics
Talk like weed and chronic if it had human capabilities
I break it down like segments on a centipede
I'mma blowin' steam and diggin' the scene

D, he know these things, he like to roll with kings
And crusaders who probably stole your rings
Slid them off your fingertips
That's how it will go on the low, you never know

So flossin' is just not a option
Don't even wanna or feel the need to parade
What I made in front of the people who made me DZL
And you know if you fake, they gonna see you

In a minute though, I got an endless flow
Pinned up on the wall like centerfolds
I sit enclosed
In a sound lab with profound task I undergo

'Cause I'm coming close to the knowledge I need
To get on some next shit and now I gotta lead
And take work, damn it, I know it all seems hella easy and fun
But those be the wack ones

See some action for years, they maybe crackin'
Poppin', but they don't last too often
Longevity means you survive
Short sightedness ain't insured for the flight

Secruity tight, he gotta stay on the ground
He hatin' like a child but I'm on my way now
Fuck 'em, let the motherfucka hop Greyhound
Maybe he can hang around the rim for a rebound

Can't even see style, much too forward
Plus too boring for a feeble mind dormant
Evil, I know it but, shit, it's kind of funny though
Motherfuckas laugh at my expense on another show

Or another channel but I control this
Particular network with a different direction
You alive but not actively growing
So insulting me, the impact below 3

Negative 26, the funniest shit 'cause I'm real with it
Tellin' you there's money to get
Keep running your lips
You gonna see it's comin' up in a bit

Hold up, hold up
Hey Del
What's up?

Yeah, you're just like sand, man, I knew it, man, what's happening?
I have a feelin' you'll be slidin' back in
My man, you back on the scene, never lack esteem
That's what I mean
My man, yeah, introduce yourself to these suckers drivin' around
So that they pay more attention to you

Opportunity is my name
Pursuin' me should be your main game
You should stick to me, a well known operative
[Incomprehensible], it's all good though

There's so many possibilities that come to me
I figure why not peel off some for free?
But, Big, I don't hang around, you understand that?

I just came to town for a minute
It was a favorable time, I admit it
But when I gotta split, I gotta split
This might be your only chance, you get?

I know you think I'm blowin' smoke up yo ass
But you broke, I got pockets overflowin' with cash
If you diggin' yourself like you seem to be, ah, diggin' mine for cash
You are, you know you gotta a shot at makin' the moment last

So let's see if you dig right here, right now, I got a new lease
Yeah, that's what you need, you know what you need though
Keep on jivin', I gotta split, man
But young DZL, I'mma catch you later, aight?

Bye, bye, man
Keep it real, man
Keep it real, real, man

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