Who Sang Death of a Horse? Deloris

Release information
Release Date: 1998
length: 6:27

Alan won't you take a photo of me running
Out here it's just so damn sunny
Could you possibly think of anywhere
You'd rather be than here with me
I just want a seat beside you in your car
It's all I've ever wanted so far
Alan why you looking so charred
Alan why you breathing so hard

And being close to horse's such relief
You know I hear they've bred a new breed
If we come back that's what I want us to be
Alan why you threatening me
You weren't like this when we first met
You know I think I wore this same dress
That you put me in today
Alan are you taking us away

The day the horses died
I couldn't work out
Why you couldn't face me
And look me in the eyes
I didn't know my
Only silver bow had run its race
You're an original linear showcase
Don't I hate to see you
Wearing out your knees
Alan plese get up and breath
Inever asked you for the whole truth
Which is so, so much more
Than what you ask of me

This isn't happening

You're so quiet but that's always fine
I can't believe we're making such good time
If I didn't know you best I would say
That you were crying
Oh Alan you never
Said that you were dying

The day the horses died
I wished I could take their place for you
Don't you know it's the worry
That holds the lines in your face
Your face

I know who you are
And I know who I'd like you to be
I will always love you
For any reason you want to believe
You want to believe

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  • Release information
    country(area): Australia
    script: Latin