Who Sang No Need for a Crutch? Destruction of a Rose

Destruction of a Rose American Hell cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2010-11-2
length: 3:40
I won't give into your lies,
Get off your knees and stand on your feet,
I have no need for your crutch, focus your eyes on me,
I am empty, there is no truth behind these old pages,
Why is it that everybody seems to believe
That they are the truth and the light?
Yet there are countless versions of these lies?
Who the f*** is in the right?
I'll make it easy for you, you're all wrong,
Live the life the way you choose.
That is all you can do,
Only committed to your traditions and routines.
Rather than sticking to what you believe.
Get off your knees, stand on your feet.

CD 1
  • 1 Suck Out the Poison
  • 2 One Day Closer to Death
  • 3 Open Your Eyes Not Your Legs
  • 4 Sountrack to Your Nightmare
  • 5 Shine On
  • 6 63
  • 7 I Kissed a Vulture
  • 8 American Hell
  • 9 No Need for a Crutch
  • 10 Rise and Shine