Who Sang Open Your Eyes Not Your Legs? Destruction of a Rose

Destruction of a Rose American Hell cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2010-11-2
length: 2:38
Open your eyes, not your legs!
I awoke to clothes thrown everywhere,
And and a w**** to my right could it be more clear
We made a f***** mess last night?
a** in the air, face in the sheets,
a** in the air, with your face in the sheets.
Could it be more clear we made a f***** mess,
A f****** mess of last night? A night with a cause.
A night without a promise.
You grabbed me by the hand and kissed my neck,
I knew from then I had you wrapped.
6 shots of whiskey down the hatch,
Witch one of you girls will be the next to show no class?

CD 1
  • 1 Suck Out the Poison
  • 2 One Day Closer to Death
  • 3 Open Your Eyes Not Your Legs
  • 4 Sountrack to Your Nightmare
  • 5 Shine On
  • 6 63
  • 7 I Kissed a Vulture
  • 8 American Hell
  • 9 No Need for a Crutch
  • 10 Rise and Shine