Who Sang Ordinary Life? Diamond Nights

Diamond Nights Popsicle cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2005-9-5
length: 1:58
producer: Diamond Nights and Tom Clapp
engineer: Chris Ribando
The neighbors act like animals
Like chimpanzees in fancy clothes
They carry-on and holler through the night
oh what a sight
The guest list runs from a-z
the beasts in their menagerie
are bound to come a crawlin after dark
zoological park

I wish they'd stop
So I could get to sleep
ay ya ya
Mine is such an ordinary life
The neighbors are a noisy breed
Have alligators by for tea
And herds of sheep are playing touch football
out in the halls

I think I might call the police
or shepherds to have the sheep fleeced
or maybe I'll stop over with champagne
and join the game
The sun is up
And I can't get to sleep
ay ya ya
Mine is such an ordinary life

CD 1
  • 1 Destination Diamonds
  • 2 Saturday Fantastic
  • 3 Drip Drip
  • 4 It's a Shokka
  • 5 Red Hex
  • 6 The Girl's Attractive
  • 7 Beyond the City of Love
  • 8 Snakey Ruth
  • 9 Dirty Thief
  • 10 Needle in the Rice
  • 11 A Kiss to Tell
  • 12 Ordinary Life