Who Sang Age of Insects? DIES

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length: 4:02

I walk the world on insect legs, beneath an unforgiving sun
Eat the diret throughout my days
Born in dirt, in dirt i come undone
Messiah born in bethlehem won't find me lying dead
The world is too big for him to see me, or hear the thing's i've said
Hold me to you while i pray
Take the rest of the world away
My blood runs warm because of you
The scales fall out of my eyes
I laughed in the keep of the man with hooves
My mandibles are caked in trash
Thought you wouldn't recognize me in the black of soot and ash
Don't turn a deaf ear to my voice, there's one thing i want you to know
I have always loved you, though my life has never said so
Hold me to you as i pray
Take every other thing away
My heart is breaking now for you
The scales are out of my eyes...

  • 1 Brundle Fly
  • 2 You're So Stupid
  • 3 Dig Me Up
  • 4 Never an Oceanographer
  • 5 Talons
  • 6 Age of Insects
  • 7 24 Hours

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    script: Latin