Who Sang Never an Oceanographer? DIES

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length: 4:09

Where were you when I woke up? I was under water
Your room is dark and windowless and always getting hotter
I look about, confirm my doubts, oh you are nowhere near me
How my heart dies with your goodbyes and yet you keep it beating
So where you there my only one?
Is that why I can still breathe?
No black of your hair, no blue of your eyes
Yet you’re everywhere inside of me
But I can’t feel your skin in this ocean I’m in
What an anchor your absence has become
It has come to be your completion to me
And this half of me left just comes undone
Somewhere between all the miles and the sea
Your voice whispers soft in my ear
I don’t understand and I reach for your hand
Hear you say my love I’m still right here, right here
Along through the blue i see only you
Though the sea creatures scare you so much
How safe you will be when you’re wrapped up with me
How long have I ached for your touch
Regenerative are my bones and my skin
My nerves are dismayed by intrusion
Yet if you are gone for short or for long
It all dies with no sought restitution
I am your belonging, It’s obvious and in plain view
Like your white collar bones and your beauty
Everything that I am is for you
So look for me when you awake
Cross the miles and the sea
And when my eyes open, you will be there
You’re everywhere and everything to me

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  • 3 Dig Me Up
  • 4 Never an Oceanographer
  • 5 Talons
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  • 7 24 Hours

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    script: Latin