Who Sang Talons? DIES

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In my dreams my pockets are bottomless pits
So there's no limit to what i can buy
And I'm racked with tears by the thought of it
Of all the clothes that could be mine
Though my spirit is burdened, it's such a shame
That it costs so much for such needed things
Oh from the depths of my soul
To the pit of my shriveled brain
Joseph wore a colorful robe, Solomon was clothed in splendor
Narcissus had a love so pure and job was once a big spender
Like history and mythos before me, I'm draped in the love of self
But vanity only runs skin deep and the tongue licks the fires of hell
I need to know that when i see myself I'm still in love with me
And if one outfit could make this the end
Then I'd buy it again and again and again
Complacency has set me free from ever being anything
Forever me, forever true and when it fades i just buy something new
I find freedom in the things that simplify my direction
May not benefit my heart or mind, but it benefits my reflection
And what lies beneath is just out of reach
For it's shrouded in blankets of ice
But there's always magazines and television
And the pictures inside are so nice

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