Who Sang Get Lucky? Diesel

Diesel Hepfidelity cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1992-3-2
length: 4:33

I don't need you to call me sucker
When the money don't come through
I don't need you to hit the city
And take your love with you
Baby, baby
You walk now it's a crime
All I need is a way to get lucky
We'll see better times

I don't need to see those dishes
Smashed across the floor
I don't need to see your suitcase
Packed up by the door

All I need is time
And half a chance
To get myself and you up from the slime
And half a chance is all it takes
To get us both a break
And make you happy to be mine
All I need is time

Everything I give to you
Never is enough
You take your love
You're out of here
When the going gets too tough
I can't believe you'd do this
After all I've done for you
But I guess I was wrong
You're as tough as leather
You wanna run for cover
Now we're in for nasty weather

CD 1
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  • 2 Tip of My Tongue
  • 3 Too Much of a Good Thing
  • 4 One More Time
  • 5 Get Lucky
  • 6 There's a Love
  • 7 Love Junk
  • 8 Come to Me
  • 9 Save a Little Lovin'
  • 10 Picture of You
  • 11 One Thing After Another