Who Sang Love Junk? Diesel

Diesel Hepfidelity cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1992-3-2
length: 3:50

If you're looking for parts
I got what you need
I got a heart tin plated
And a soul of steel
Or take me as I am and just
Drive me away
I might look like a wreck
But my ride is still OK
Pile me with your love junk
I'm your junkyard man
Pile me with your love junk
I'm a junkyard man

First verse

I was left by the wayside
By my previous owner
She took me for a day
See I was just a loaner
She found me at the body shop
Where her other had broken down
It was love at first sight
So she drove me out of town


I was rustin' away
Till ya found me here
My motor was chokin'
And I just couldn't steer
But just when I thought
I'd never get a buyer
Well you juiced me right up
And you put air in my tires


You might get a little dirty
But baby never you mind
I ain't some squeaky clean wheeler
I know I'm covered in grime
But I just keep rollin'
With a reputation that's soiled
I ain't got no log books
And no one's ever checked my oil

First verse and chorus

CD 1
  • 1 Man Alive
  • 2 Tip of My Tongue
  • 3 Too Much of a Good Thing
  • 4 One More Time
  • 5 Get Lucky
  • 6 There's a Love
  • 7 Love Junk
  • 8 Come to Me
  • 9 Save a Little Lovin'
  • 10 Picture of You
  • 11 One Thing After Another