Who Sang Lucky? Digger

Release information
Release Date: 2000-1-25
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk
length: 3:39
When I saw you standing there,
It was crystal clear to me that it just wouldn't be fair for you to be stuck with a guy like me.
When I saw you yesterday, in my shirt that doesn't fit,
It was crystal clear to me that you were meant to wear it.

Every time I think of all the things we did (hanging out all day, trying to get drunk).
I just want to know how I became the lucky one.
When I was just growing up, luck would never cross my path.
I'd break a mirror under a ladder in the path of a black cat.

I never learned how to be smooth. The only "F" I got in school.
I can't believe you talked to me after you watched me play the fool.
When will it be forever? What was I really thinking?
I wasted time wondering why when we could've wasted that time drinking.

It will take more than a letter to patch things up this time.
I only hope I'm lucky enough to win you back as mine.

  • 1 Detroit City
  • 2 Feeling What I'm Thinking
  • 3 Slur
  • 4 Lucky
  • 5 Nervous Reaction
  • 6 Plastic Wings
  • 7 Postcards Across the Atlantic
  • 8 Living It Up
  • 9 Taking on the Consequences
  • 10 Round 2
  • 11 I Hate You When You're Sleeping
  • 12 Dragging My Feet
  • 13 Trying
  • 14 Alcohol, Women, and Misery
  • 15 [silence]
  • 21 [unknown]