Darn That Dream Lyrics - Dinah Shore with Paul Weston & His Orchestra

Paul Weston & His Orchestra Some of the Best cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1996-9-1
length: 2:48
Darn that dream I dream each night
You say you love me and you hold me tight
But when I awake, you're out of sight
Oh, darn that dream

Darn your lips and darn your eyes
They lift me high above the moonlit skies
Then I tumble out of paradise
Oh, darn that dream

Darn that one-track mind of mine
I can't understand that you don't care
Just to change the mood I'm in
I'd welcome a nice old nightmare

Darn that dream and bless it too
Without that dream, I never would have you
But it haunts me and it won't come true
Oh, darn that dream

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