Who Sang Gentle? Dino

Release information
Release Date: 1990-8-7
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop Pop
Style: RnB/Swing/Synth-pop
length: 5:26

Girl, I promise
I'll be gentle

Sometimes at night
I call your name
And I catch myself falling
Where there is love
Sometimes there's pain

Soon my love is falling
So, please be gentle
Please be gentle
When you're loving me

I'll be gentle, yeah

I'm in a daze
I'm so confused
Since you have
Stopped running

I'll take my time
I'll wait for you
Cause I know you'll be coming

I'll be gentle
Baby, I'm gonna be gentle
When I'm loving you
When I'm loving you

When I'm loving you
(Holding you)
Wanting to please you
(When you're lying next to me)

Baby girl
You've got me calling
Calling out your name

I'll be gentle
(Please, be very gentle)
When I'm loving you
When I'm loving you, baby

(When I'm loving you)
Holding you
(Wanting to please you)
When you're lying next to me

(Baby, you've got me)
Calling your name, baby, yeah
Hey, baby, baby, baby
Baby, you, you've got me
Yeah, calling
Calling, calling your name

Baby, you've got me calling
Calling, calling your name
Babe, I'm calling, calling
Calling your name, yeah

Calling, calling
Calling your name
Calling, calling
I will be calling your name

I don't ever wanna stop
Loving you, girl
So don't you ever stop
Being in my world

I don't ever wanna quit
Loving you, boy
So don't you ever stop
Giving me joy...

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  • Release information
    country(area): United States
    script: Latin